WP2 - Spatial Signatures

This is a Jupyter Book containing the code and documentation for WP 2 (Spatial Signatures) of Urban Grammar AI research project.

The project is currently in progress and the content of this book is reflecting the work done to date.

Note that Jupyter notebooks in this book and their sections are organised thematically, not sequentially. It may happen that some notebooks need to be processed in between the start and end of a single notebook. Always try to understand individual steps to avoid potential reproducibility issue.

Urban Grammar AI research project

We know little about how the way we organise cities over space influences social, economic and environmental outcomes, in part because it is hard to measure.

Satellite imagery, combined with cutting-edge AI, can provide a source of data to track the evolution of the built environment at unprecedented detail.

This project develops a conceptual framework to characterise urban structure through the notions of spatial signatures and urban grammar, and will deploy it to generate open data products and insight about the evolution of cities.

The detailed overview is available on the project homepage.

GDSL University of Liverpool ATI