OS visit

On May 17th and 18th, Martin and Dani spent a week visiting the Ordnance Survey in Southampton. The trip was planned as an institutional visit to exchange ideas, discuss the project and, more generally, interact with our advisory board member, Dr. Isabel Sargent and her team at OS Research.

We had a fantastic time. We presented our current work on using computer vision, a bit of geographic magic, and satellite imagery to automate the recognition of our upcoming spatial signatures for Great Britain. You can check out the slides we used for that presentation in our usual talks repository in our two common formats:

  • HTML for the browser

  • PDF for download

Beyond the purely scheduled, we had the oportunity to see OS from the inside and to chat to a lot of really clever people about our project, its value, and potential solutions to the challenges we’re currently facing.

We had so much fun, in fact, we could not skip the de-rigueur selfie:

Martin & Dani at OS
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