ISUF Italy

In early June, Martin attended the 6th ISUF Italy conference “Morphology and Urban Design. New strategies for a changing society”, organised by the University of Bologna in a hybrid mode (Martin was present online). We took the opportunity to talk about Detecting urban typology from multispectral satellite imagery using neural networks, where we combined the work we currently focus on in the Urban Grammar project and the one published in a recent CEUS paper. It allowed us to illustrate the application of remote sensing and neural networks on urban form in both supervised (detection of signatures from Sentinel 2) and unsupervised (the CEUS paper) use cases. With the audience composed of the ISUF community revolving heavilty around architecture, the talk started an engaging discussion on the current limits of openly available satellite imagery in the context of urban morphology.

The talk itself was not recorded but the slides are available from the usual place on HTML (this time we couldn’t build a PDF for download satisfactorily).