First Advisory Board

On October 1st. 2020, Dani and Martin held the first meeting of the Advisory Board for the project. We are thrilled to have a board that includes Alistair Edwardes, Rachel Franklin, Isabel Sargent and Antonio Miguel Vieira Monteiro.

The meeting took place, as it’s become customary in 2020, on Zoom. Dani provided an overview of the main components of the project, and Martin updated on progress so far; throughout the three hours of the meeting, there was plenty of discussion and great questions about what the project is trying to do and how it’ll tackle its main challenges. This is by no means a full replacement of the physical meeting we would have had in Liverpool for a full day, but it was an excellent way to connect and kickstart the role of the Advisory Board.

One of the conclusions from the discussion was that we might adapt to the current situation by trying to have these meetings a bit more frequent (initially only four were scheduled for the entire project) and of shorter duration than a full day (maybe up to three hours). This will allow us to focus on specific aspects of the project for every meeting. Next one will hopefully take place early in the next year and, by then, we might even have something in the form of deliverables to show!