Second Advisory Board

On April 15th. 2021, we held the second meeting of the Advisory Board for the project. We are delighted that all board members joined us on Zoom for a few hours of exciting discussions on the progress and the future of the project.

Dani started with an overview of our progress since the last meeting, which you can check in his UBDC talk. We followed by the focused discussion on the concepts of Spatial Signature and Enclosed Tessellation and our initial paper illustrating both on the sample of cities worldwide. We discussed the clarity of our ideas and the needs for new spatial units and classification methods, and their potential drawbacks and enhancements. In the last part, we tried to zoom out to see a bigger picture and fit the research within existing projects within academia and the public sector.

After three hours of a very fruitful discussion, we finished with a lot of food for thought and ideas to be explored in the future. Let’s just hope that the Advisory Board meetings will soon happen physically in Liverpool to have an even more productive and friendly environment!